"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else"

Albert Einstein


"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else"

Albert Einstein

Pharmalink offers a comprehensive range of tailored services and solutions for Romanian pharmaceutical market to create operational excellence, but also to meet the regulatory, compliance and quality needs of healthcare companies.

Pharmalink is an essential link in the health care supply chain and we have attributed this proven, successful formula to the basic steps of forward planning, effective promotions, accurate reporting, staff training and regular calling.

Our flexibility and experience enables us to offer a range of alternative solutions for business partners:

Sales and Marketing

We build up and apply solutions for bringing our clients’ products to market in efficient and effective ways. Every company and brand requires a specific solution and service mix for Romanian market.

We assist you through every step of a product’s lifecycle by strategically focusing on your long-term success, helping you increase product demand to achieve profitable results:
Business development
Market consulting, planning and support
Launching branded and generic portfolios under your company label
Develop products strategy and brand plans
Product attribute mapping
Market research and analysis
Evaluate return on investment for marketing activities
Develop marketing materials according with approved brand plans
Organize specialized events

Trade and Distribution

Pharmalink provides manufacturers the opportunity to utilize relationships we have developed over the years within the pharmacies and wholesalers.

We continuously develop our distribution services and solutions to help companies in the pharmaceutical field to build stronger and longer lasting relations with their patients and to achieve greater market penetration and increased financial profits.
Our distribution solutions are designed to optimize customer services, reach and cover traditional independent pharmacies as well as all relevant trade channels (hospitals, clinics, pharmacy chains, etc.).

We also provide services to pharmaceutical manufacturers who want to gain better control over their product distribution: pre-wholesale and contract logistics, direct deliveries to pharmacies and hospitals.

We are expand our distribution services and solutions to support healthcare companies build stronger and longer lasting connections to their patients. With our specific  knowledge of the market we guide you in achieving greater market penetration and increased financial figures.
Some of the services provided by us:
Wholesaler distribution agreements
Direct delivery to clients through specialized logistic providers;
Experienced national team with established relationships at all key points of network.
Stocking plans to ensure national distribution
Product availability to retail chains
Inventory management
Clinical trials logistics management
Pharmacy management solutions

Commercial Operations

Pharmalink teams are specialized in promoting and selling products through specific methods as well as by using specialized tools. The company’s operational structure includes:

Results oriented sales team, connected with the KA
Telesales team, specialized in selling products to independent pharmacies
Medical promotion team, specialized in promoting the products to GPs and specialists;
Telemarketing team, specialized in promoting the products to specialists and pharmacies;
Sales Force landscape (Territory Alignments, Sizing and Structure Analysis)
Sales Force Operation Support Management
Sales Force Effectiveness

Regulatory and Registration

In the dynamic, complex regulatory environment and registration process, we help you obtain fast marketing authorization for newly launched products and we facilitate existing product license maintenance to ensure continued compliance. We help you minimize compliance-related risk while saving your time and resources.

Pharmalink provides an extensive portfolio of professional regulatory services to support you through the lifetime of your product and beyond. Experience with health regulators and detailed knowledge of local requirements and procedures result in swift approvals for your license applications and regulatory submissions.
Regulatory affairs and registration services include:
Preparation, translation and adjustment of Patient Information Leaflet(PIL), Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC), mock-up to the requirements of the local authority
Readability testing of PIL: preparation, testing, translation and report submission
Variations procedures of any kind - preparation, submission and monitoring
Renewals of marketing authorizations (MA)
Obtaining of MA
Transfer of MA
Advisory service on regulatory affairs
Local pharmacovigilance services
Registration of Clinical Trials
Application procedures
Formalities for VAT, claw back and other taxes to state, government, different agencies.
Claw back representative

Patient-Centered Services

Regarding the demand for patient specific medication, we have developed fully flexible delivery options that connects patients with healthcare products.

Our patient services provide tailored, personalized support to patients to drive more positive health outcomes to overall treatment plans and self-management of disease.
Patient care programs
Patient self management programs
Patient commitment during care and treatment
Patient feedback and communication management
Optimal use of medication improves efficacy and success of treatment


Whether you are trying to market a new product or would like a full-service marketing and sales consultation, our qualified staff can assist you.