About Alkaloid

ALKALOID AD – Skopje is a company that for more than seven decades now is in the business of manufacturing drugs, processing botanical raw material, manufacturing cosmetics and chemical products.
As of 1979, Alkaloid-Pharmaceuticals has established a department that is in charge of development and cooperation with foreign companies in terms of contracts for representation, distribution, as well as consignment stocks.

In 2002 the Company finished the construction of the new factories for hard dose forms (with capacity of 2 billion dose units annually) and factory for semi-synthetic cephalosporin (with capacity of 200 million capsules and 3,5 million bottles of dry powder for oral suspension).

All capacities are constructed to fully comply with the European DPP standards (ISO 8 Class, D Class, 100000) certified by the TK3 Swiss consultancy company, member of the Thyssenkrupp group and are evaluated as state of the art technology.
  • The production capacity on annual level, functioning in two shifts, is as follows:
  • 4,6 million ampoules of 1 ml, or 23,6 million ampoules of 2 ml or 14,2 million ampoules of 5 ml or 2 million ampoules of 10 ml;
  • 4 million bottles of eye drops;
  • 6 million suppositories;
  • 12,6 million tubes of ointments, creams and gels;
  • 800,000 bottles of solutions for external administration.
  • Besides the capacities for manufacturing finished pharmaceutical products, Alkaloid-Pharmaceuticals has also facilities for extraction of opioids which include production of morphine and its derivatives as pharmaceutical raw materials.


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