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"One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency"
Arnold H. Glasow
We understand the needs of the pharmaceutical industry as we have worked on the inside at a senior level
We have hands-on line and team management experience and can provide specialized know-how adapted to Pharma business and apply powerful tools.

We know about the challenges of getting things done in a large organization and of doing things professionally in a small one

Octavian Iacob

Octavian Iacob
Octavian joined the group and commenced operations with Pharmalink in 2013. Octavian has spent the past  years managing a number of wholesaling companies. During this period he has managed and developed client strategic plans as well as building relationships with producers, national pharmacy chains, wholesalers and key independent pharmacies.
He offers new and innovative selling & purchasing skills and methods ideally suited for the pharmaceutical industry.
Octavian has an extensive wealth of knowledge of the pharma industry and can provide business development and marketing insight to managing supplier businesses.
Since joining Pharmalink, Octavian has contracted multi brand and generic pharmaceutical companies.
He has also opened and expanded profitable new relationships with some of the largest and prestigious European Companies.
Based on his believes that “Preformat organizations have a strong culture” , Octavian is responsible also for building the organization culture of Pharmalink.

Dragos Popescu

Dragos Popescu
Dragos is cofounder of Pharmalink since May 2013
Since to be cofounder and managing partner, he has spent more than 19 years in multinational companies in pharmaceutical field , with experience in distribution, expertise in Supply Chain Management, relationships with Wholesalers , National Pharmacies Chains and other Key Accounts
His operational contribution in Pharmalink will be related with relationship with Wholesalers, National Pharmacies Chains and Key Accounts and he will be also involved in discovering new portfolios and new business opportunities.